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    Shanghai CATERING TOWN offers professional banquet dinners planning Is a team with more than 10 years experience in high quality Western banquet management services, tailor-made according to the requirements of the various styles of banquet planning services.

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  • Food and bevera...

    Food and beverage owners must pay attention to these nine things

    When the restaurant developed to a certain size, the restaurant will inevitably appear inside a phenomenon: job hopper and candidates shoulder to shoulder. It is true that the restaurant has a new and old replacement, this is a normal phenomenon, but if the outstanding staff members continue to leave, it will have a negative impact on the development of the restaurant business.

  • Correctly under...

    Correctly understand the cold meal

    Today CATERING TOWN mainly to introduce the attention of the cold meal, including the following two points, we CATERING TOWN mainly to provide customers with professional cold meal customization services. Then please understand the "hot" knowledge of the cold meal.

  • How to eat West...

    How to eat Western food

    More and more friends love to eat Western food, not only because it is very new, and more reason is that Western meat and vegetables with a very good, and the taste is very popular with friends, then you know how to eat Western food?

  • The fun of coff...

    The fun of coffee break

    Tea break for the general large, medium and small meetings, especially the company or organization of high-level meetings, tea break between sessions is very important. The definition of tea break is for the rest and atmosphere adjustment and set up a small simple tea party, of course, the drinks may not be limited to Chinese tea, snacks are not limited to Chinese snacks.